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The Internet is a big place, and I receive a lot of email from people seeking free legal advice, or who have a problem that I cannot solve. If you do not receive a response from me, it may be because I could not figure out who you are or whether you are asking for something that I can do for you. It may also be because you misspelled your email address, or your spam filter rejected my email.

My practice includes estate planning, probate, and Medicaid eligibility. I do simple wills, wills with trusts for minor children, and wills containing tax planning for married couples. I do powers of attorney, living wills, and beneficiary designations. I do revocable trusts, life insurance trusts, Crummey trusts, and other types of trusts. I probate wills and administer estates without wills. I handle guardianships of the estate and guardianships of the person.

Here is what I don't do:

• Contested Matters. I do not handle contested matters. If you are seeking help with a will contest, or you have a dispute with the executor in a probate matter, I will not take your case.

• Emergency Estate Planning. I do not do emergency estate planning. If you have a deadline approaching and you want to get your will done before that deadline, I will suggest that you find another attorney. I do not believe estate planning should be done under time pressure; that leads to miscommunications between attorney and client, errors on the part of the attorney, and hasty decisions by the client. A person who is on her deathbed is usually better off spending her time with family and friends than with me.

• Second Marriages. I do not prepare estate plans for both spouses if there are stepchildren in the family. Spouses in a second marriage have conflicting interests that can be difficult to resolve in a joint representation, and I have decided to exclude that type of case from my practice. However, I am willing to represent one spouse if the other spouse has a separate attorney handling his or her estate planning. In such cases, I charge $350 per hour, not a flat fee.

• Children of the Medicaid Applicant. I do not represent the children of a person who is applying for Medicaid. Other attorneys sometimes represent the entire family, but I confine my long term care practice to representing the person in need of long term care, or that person's spouse. If your parent needs advice with respect to long term care, please have your parent contact me directly. I charge $350 per hour for all Medicaid-related matters.

• Cases That Require Travel. I do not handle cases outside of my geographic area. My estate planning clients must live close enough to easily visit my office at least twice. I will handle probate matters for clients who live anywhere, if the deceased lived in Collin or Dallas County. I handle Medicaid applications in Collin, Dallas, and Denton Counties.

If you are hiring me to prepare an estate plan, I will require that you fill out a questionnaire and return it to me before I will set up an appointment. This makes the planning process more efficient and helps to keep the cost down.

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